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UG Dental

A compilation of curriculum based e-learning sessions covering the complete UG Dental syllabus. 

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Category Undergraduate
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Language English

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What is MediSys UG Dental About?

Lectures and case discussions that are supported by illustrations, ppts, animations etc.

Easy to use periodically updated. Made available on a tablet or a laptop.

For Students Swift revisions, remedial learning, stronger conceptual understanding improved practical / clinical capability.

For Faculty Supplementary / complementary education to support / strengthen class room teaching.

For Institutions Tool that makes it easier for faculty to teach better & faster. An important new way of communication/engagement with students, a window to college website for circulars, notifications and surveys etc.


Product Features

Students can Bookmark important topics for quick reference at the time of examinations.

Every lesson is annotated with synchronized learning resources such as slides, illustrations,
2D & 3D animations.

Easy Navigation allows you to pause/play, rewind/forward skip/review & bookmark
anywhere in the lesson.

Seekbar allows you to jump to any point within the lesson.


S.No Topics
1 Anatomical terms
2 Cardiovascular system
3 Osteology
4 Lymphatic system
5 Mycology
6 Syndesmology
7 Nervous system
8 Osteology of head and neck
9 Thorax
10 Embryology
11 Histology
12 Medical genetics
1 General physiology
2 Blood
3 Muscle and nerve
4 Digestive system
5 Excretory system
6 Endocrinology
7 Reproduction
8 Cardiovascular system
9 Respiratory system
10 Central nervous system
11 Special senses
1 Chemistry of bio-organic molecules
2 Macronutrients and digestion
3 Micronutrients
4 Energy metabolism
5 Special aspects of metabolism
6 Biochemical genetics and protein synthesis
7 Enzyme and metabolic regulation
8 Structural components and blood proteins
9 Medical biochemistry
1  Introduction
2  Tooth morphology
3  Oral embryology
4  Oral histology
5  Oral physiology
1 Introduction to dental materials
2 Gypsum products
3 Impression materials used in dentistry
4 Synthetic Resins
5 Metal and alloys
6 Dental casting investments
7 Dental waxes
8 Dental cements
9 Dental ceramics
10 Abrasion and polishing agents
11 Die and counter die materials
12 Dental implants
13 Mechanics of cutting
1 General pharmacology
2 Autonomous nervous system
3 Adrenergic system and drugs
4 Peripheral nervous system
5 Autacoids and related drugs
6 Respiratory system
7 Gastrointestinal system
8 Endocrine system
9 Central nervous system
10 Toxicology
11 Chemotherapy
1 General bacteriology
2 Systemic bacteriology
3 Immunology
4 Virology
6 Mycology
7 Applied/ clinical microbiology
8 Parasitology
1 Histology and scope of pathology
2 Acute and chronic inflammation
3 Tissue renewal, regeneration and repair
4 Hemodynamic disorders, Thromboembolic disease and shock
5 Diseases of the immune system
6 Neoplasia
7 Infectious diseases
8 Environmental and nutritional diseases
9 Systemic pathology
10 Respiratory system
1 Developmental disturbances of dental structures
2 Forensic odontology
3 Dental caries , Pulp and peri apical pathology
4 Microbial infections of oral soft tissues
5 Healing following injuries
6 Common non inflammatory diseases involving the jaws
7 Diseases of Temporo mandibular joint
8 Cysts and tumors
9 Non neoplastic salivary gland diseases
10 Mucocutaneous lesions
11 Diseases of nerves
12 Diseases of oral and para oral region
13 Pre cancerous lesions
14 Systemic diseases involving oral cavity
15 Diseases of maxillary sinus
1 History of medicine
2 Infectious disease
3 Systemic medicine
4 Cardiovascular system
5 Respiratory system
6 Hematology
7 Central nervous system
8 Endocrinology
9 Gastro intestinal tract
10 Nephrology
11 Toxicology
12 General principles of medicine
13 Medical specialities
14 Psychiatry
1 History of surgery
2 General principles of surgery
3 Wounds
4 Inflammation
5 Infections and  surgery
6 Shock and hemorhage
7 Tumors, ulcers, sinus , cyst and fistula
8 Diseases of lymphatic system
9 Diseases of larynx and naso pharynx
10 Nervous system
11 Fractures
12  Diseases of thyroid and parathyroid
13  Swellings of the jaw
1   Introduction
2   Growth and development
3   Malocclusion
4   Orthodontic treatment planning
5   Anchorage in orthodontics
6   Preventive orthodontics
7   Interceptive orthodontics
8   Corrective orthodontics
9   Orthodontic appliances
10   Ethics
11   Orthodontic management
12    Surgical orthodontics
13    Diagnosis and treatment planning
14   Retention and Relapse
1  Normal periodontium
2  Classification and epidemiology of periodontal disease
3  Etiology of periodontal disease
4  Periodontal pathology
5  Diagnosis,Prognosis and Treatment plan
6  Management of patient with periodontal disease
7  Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal emergencies
8  Non surgical periodontal therapy
9  Surgical periodontal therapy
10  Management of periodontal disease
11  Multidisciplinary approach
12  Oral Implantology
13  Lasers
1  Public Health and Dental Public Dentisty
2  Environment and health
3  Behavioral healthy and social sciences
4  Epidemiology
5  Preventive Dentistry
6  Problem solving
7  Case history and Indices
8  Provision of health care
9  Research methodology and Biostatastics
10  Practice management and administration
11  Legal issues in health care
1  Introduction to Pedodontics
2  Growth assessment
3  Developing dentition and its disturbances
4  psychological development and behavioral management
5  Dental caries in early childhood
6  Preventive approach to caries control
7  Pediatric restorative dentistry
8  Pediatric endodontics
9  Developing malocclusion and its management
10  Pediatric considerations for oral surgery
11  Dental care for special child
12  Genetics in pediatric dentistry
13  Soft tissues and oral lesions in children
14  Forensic Pedodontics
1  Lesions of the oral cavity
2  cysts and Tumors of oral cavity
3  Infections of oral and paraoral structures
4  Facial pain
5  Oral manifestations of systemic diseases
6  Immunological diseases with oral manifestations
7  Dermatological diseases with oral manifestations
8  Management of dental problems in medically compromised persons
9  Nerve and muscle diseases
10  Pre cancerous lesions and conditions
11  Forensic Odontology
12  Physics and Biology of radiation
13  Radiographic techniques
14  Radiation safety and protection
15  Faulty radiographs
16  Interpretation  and principles of radiographs of various abnormalities
1  Introduction to Operative dentistry
2  Cariology
3  Infection control and Isolation
4  Fundamentals in cavity preparation
5  Instrumentation
6  Amalgam Restorations
7  Tooth colored restorations
8  Cast metal and Gold restorations
9  Pulp and Peri radicular diseases
10  Pulpotomy and apexification
11  Principles of root canal treatment
12  Endodontic surgery
13  Bleaching of discolored tooth
1  Introduction and diagnosis in oral surgery
2  Principles of oral surgery
3  Exodontia
4  Impacted teeth
5  Diseases of maxillary sinus and temporo mandibular joint
6  Infections of oral cavity
7  Cysts and tumors of jaws
8  Fracture of jaws
9  Salivary gland diseases
10  Cleft lip and cleft palate
11  Neurological disorders
12 Medical emergencies
1  Complete Dentures: Introduction , Diagnosis and treatment planning
2  Articulators
3  Denture foundation and ridge relation
4  Impressions
5  Record bases and occlusal rims
6  Jaw relation and jaw movements
7  Tooth selection
8  Laboratory Procedures
9  Denture insertion
10  Relining Rebasing
11  Introduction and classification of Removable partial denture
12  Components of removable partial denture
13  Survey and design
14  Impression materials and procedures
15  Laboratory procedures
16  Insertion of removable partial denture
17  Introduction and fundamentals of fixed partial denture
18  Principles of tooth preparation
19  Provisional restoration
20  Impressions and working cast
21  wax pattern and pontics
22  finishing and cementation

Are the lectures downloadable?

No, you cannot download the lectures. All the lectures have to be viewed online.

Is there any difference in 50 hrs and 200 hrs? Can I subscribe to 50 hours and then add more time in case I need to?

Apart from the number of hours, there is no difference in the course content. In case you want to selectively study some topics, for example, you could take the 50 hour pack and view the lessons selectively, even though all topics will be available. You can “”top-up”” your account in case you want more time. It’s just like buying talk time on your pre-paid mobile phone!

What is the Course Access Key?

An Access Key is required, and will be sent to you to activate the course in case you are depositing money directly in our bank account or paying the course fee to one of our Associates. If you are paying through a Credit Card, there is no need for the Access Key.

In case I am able to complete 50 hours of learning in 1 month, can I still access the course material?

No. The course will expire upon 50 hours of use or completion of 90 days from the date of subscription, whichever is earlier.

In case I am able to complete 200 hours of learning in four months, can I still access the course material?

No. The course will expire upon 200 hours of use or completion of 1 year from the date of subscription, whichever is earlier.

Can I view any Topic or Subject or Lecture as I wish? Is it also possible to learn from two or more subjects at a time?

Yes, you get access to any lecture from any subject (or even more than one subject) as per your choice and view it as many times in the subscribed timeframe.

What do you mean by Interactive Sessions?

This program provides many Interactive features never available before. This includes the ability to Pause the lecture, Play the lecture from any given point, Rewind to portions of the lecture, Fast Forward to any point and listen to any topic more than once. In addition, at some places you can get additional learning material in the form of text notes and additional slides. You can wish to see the slides Zoomed-in with Voice over only or also see the speaker and slides. You can also attempt MCQs in between or at the end of the lecture. All this by interactively making your choices on the screen – after all, every person has his or her own way of learning!

Can I pay through Credit Card in INR (Indian Rupee)?

Yes, you can pay the course fee through your Credit Card in Indian Rupees. This payment is authenticated through the ICICI 3D Secure payment gateway ensuring the absolute safety of such a transaction.


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