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Re-structure & Re-design of “UGMed” to match CBME

MediSys has already completed a critical examination of their UG Medical package from the standpoint of Competency Based Medical Education (CBME). The digital learning material part of this package addresses the need for ‘early clinical exposure’ and ‘horizontal and vertical integration’.


MBBS in the context of CBME

Aspect I- A new 23-subject set, while maintaining the earlier 3 phases’ i.e. pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical 1 and 2: this setting is reflected in the new MediSys package – an updated taxonomy of modules which are no longer theory/practical segregates, but rather an integrated set matched to the published competency matrix.

Aspect II – New audio-visual lectures in all the subjects are designed to provide overview or serve as key connectors, to provide a more seamless integration of pre-, para- and clinical learning.

Aspect III – New laboratory practicals including a complete set of cadaveric dissections explained with an applied/surgical anatomy focus, plus expanded video-lessons in diagnostics’ bench work and microscopy; with clinical aspects added to the audio commentary by respective faculty. Indexed to facilitate slicing and recomposition as required.

Aspect IV - Several lectures and cases being added on attitude, ethics and communication.