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start inverted This is a very innovative project & I was very enthusiastic to be a part of this because, not even in western countries has such an innovative program even been thought of. This will give a very good exposure to all students throughout the country..... end inverted

Dr. D.M. Vasudevan

Head Dept. of Biochemistry AIMS

start inverted It is to appreciate the usefulness of SmarTeach e-Learning. This has tremendously helped my daughter in getting back confidence to study during her first year MBBS. Before I bought her SmarTeach Tab from you she was almost Contemplating of discontinuing her course as she was unable to cope up with the first year MBBS subjects. But once she started going through the course material from your tablet, her confidence improved and I am proud to inform you that she scored 71% in her final exams. Thank you for that. I don't have any hesitation to recommend your product to any body. Thanks once again to SmarTeach for making my daughter's future comfortable..... end inverted

Dr. Guru Prasad N

Practicing Doctor & Parent, Chirayu Critical Care, Gadag, Karnataka.


start inverted I wish that I would become a medical student and learn again with this technology. This is my dream. Ultimately this is going to benefit the people at large, because with this, you will be able to produce good doctors and good doctors ultimately will do a good job for the people. The idea is so great that it can break the boundaries of one medical college, it can break the boundaries of a state as well as of a region and the medical students all across the nation can see the best faculty..... end inverted

Dr. Harivansh Chopra

Associate Professor L L R M Medical College


start inverted Honestly, this is the first of its kind experience for me and I think all of us teachers should use it to put our teaching expertise across to the students of this country. I think this is a unique project, through which the enormous talent we have in this country can be tapped. Here in Hyderabad, we have setup a very good system where MEdRC can carry out several aspects of e Teaching completely and indigenously..... end inverted

Dr. K. Lakshman

Consultant Surgeon

10_2-Dr Sanjay Zodpey

start inverted The experience has been wonderful. As I look at the various activities and projects that are going on, it seems that it’s a long term project and a viable activity that will be useful to the students. Here the idea is  to get high caliber teachers from across the country having authority on a particular topic to speak and the material is subsequently used as a part of e-learning. I would say everything was nicely organized from hospitality to all academic, business and everything..... end inverted

Dr. Sanjay Zodpey

Professor of Community Medicine & Director, Public Health Foundation of India


start inverted I think it’s going to help the medical students, especially when you are able to give them something that they will be able to use at their own time..... end inverted

Dr. Tejender Singh

Professor of Pediatrics and Dean Christian Medical Science

7_1-Dr V V Pillai

start inverted The project is very unique, very innovative, and of tremendous magnitude. I am really amazed that something like this could actually be conceived and also executed so flawlessly. I am sure the project will capture the imagination of our medical fraternity and the impact on medical education in India will be totally revolutionary..... end inverted

Dr. V.V. Pillay

Professor & Head Dept. of Forensic Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences


Dr I V Rao

start inverted MEdRC’s UGMed program is a great opportunity for the students to learn any topic easily as it has various subjects being dealt in a very comprehensive manner by experts in their respective areas of specialization. The students also have access to three dimensional views of human anatomy along with video lessons on curricular topics at any given time..... end inverted

Dr. I.V. Rao

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

start inverted Regarding presentation by Dr. Neeraj Rai, Director, MedRC Edu Tech on "Virtual health University", Board of Governors approved the endorsement of Academic Council of the work done so far in making these modular lessons and the recommendations that (1) Clinical Indian case scenarios which are problem based should be included, (2) Region-specific clinical case scenarios be incorporated. It also approved  the concept of E-learning as a supplement and that the MCI Regional centers in MET may be considered as nodal points to implement E-Learning Programmes..... end inverted

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma


start inverted I am directed to the state that the General Body of the DCI at its meeting held on 6th & 7th December, 2008 decided that all the Dental Institutions be requested to strengthen ad equip their Dental Education Units whereby they would be in a position to undertake the desired digital approach for the purposes of modular teaching as a part of capacity building of dental students. With the above, I am directed to request you to take necessary steps in the matter. However, in case you need any expertise guidelines in the subject matter, you may approach to Medical Education Research Center for Educational Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad at your own level..... end inverted

Dr.P.N. Awasthi

Dental Council of India


start inverted image001dental-councilof-indiamedical-councilof-india.... end inverted


start inverted I love medicine but I am unable to cope up with the fast paced lectures. Now I can rewind my teacher... it’s like having a TV remote in class...... end inverted


start inverted The tablet itself was nice to use. The screen is not too small, and i appreciated that the tablet was not locked in any way. It was very useful to be able to install my school-specific applications and customize it. The best thing about it by far was the breadth and depth of the information available. The instructors clearly know what they are talking about and did not skip any details. I enjoyed using the tablet to supplement any understanding on a subject that might have been brushed over in class. The amount of information contained within would certainly help me become a better doctor if all activities and videos were diligently studied. The device is very convenient and light and adds very little weight to my backpack when going to class. Overall I really enjoyed using this product. I would highly reccomend it to any medical student tryin to get an edge,or any doctor looking for a convenient way to brush up on his or her knowledge..... end inverted

Raghav Veluri


start inverted This allows me to listen to great teachers that I could only imagine..... end inverted


start inverted The animation of the Corticospinal tract made me understand the topic so well... Earlier I could never remember... now I can never forget...... end inverted