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UGMed Case Discussions & Clinical Procedures

UGMed Case Discussions

MediSys has prepared teacher-led  presentation+discussion sessions accessed on a ‘Case Player’ especially developed for helping learners receive/revise typical content & necessary concept, and evolve their own clinical acumen through that process.

About 120 standardized, peer-validated Long and Short ‘exam’ Clinical cases are grouped by subject, and presented as a single compilation.

This serves as quick review tool before the University practical Exam, a valuable study resource where patient numbers are low, and also an innovative teaching tool to offset faculty deficits.


UGMed Clinical Procedures

A compilation of about 130 video-based lessons, each showing actual performance of clinical examination and/or intervention procedures on patients: ranging from evaluation of facial injury, conducting a field nutrition survey, to performing an OT-based complete abdominal hysterectomy. Faculty present the clinical background and elucidate each procedure: selection of case, indications, risks, precautions, procedure steps (including instruments, materials, possible variations), & complications and follow-up.

This Course is not only a review tool for the viva-voce component the University practical Exam, but an invaluable study resource in the acquisition of standardized clinical skills for trainee doctors, and also a faculty aid for our burdened clinicians who need to mentor increasingly larger student groups.