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About MediSys

Welcome to MediSys EduTech

MediSys builds digital content repositories and extends associated services that can be important aids in Medical education and training. The company operates at an intersection of technology, education and medicine. Primarily, it builds ICT-enhanced content for undergraduate courses in medical, dental, AYUSH and allied health practices. For UG & PG test preparations, a vast repository of Questions bank for NEET PG entrance and FMGE are available. The deployment is via different devices (m-SD cards in tablets, laptops and pendrives) or can be online.

MediSys EduTech can also design and administer new instructional approaches that blend e-learning (didactic components) with skill development labs and hospital rotations. This is of particular relevance to continuing education. In that sense, it is also a system integrator and administrator of e-courses/blended offerings.

The content development process incorporates distinct offsite and in-house activities. Subject matter experts from well known universities deliver the core materials, while in-house animators, illustrators, graphic designers, editors, etc. build out the final product. Public universities support review processes. Principled institutional partnerships are an essential feature of our functioning.


Pioneering innovations in Medical, Homoeo, Dental, Ayush & Allied Health Education.

Virtual Medical Education Network

MediSys would spare no effort in bringing the necessary scientific, technological, manpower and financial resources together to make this into one of the most desired medical education network, it seeks to collaborate with various partners – universities, professional bodies, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies and broadband Internet providers. We have partnered with Intel, HP, Microsoft, etc. towards this end.

What is SmarTeach UGMed About?

Lectures and case discussions that are supported by illustrations, ppts, animations etc.

For Students: Swift revisions, remedial learning, stronger conceptual understanding, improved practical/clinical capability.

For Faculty:Supplementary/complementary education to support/strengthen class room teaching.

For Institutions: Tool that makes it easier for faculty to teach better & faster. An important new way of communication/engagement with students, a window to college website for circulars, notifications and surveys etc.

Salient Features

  • Easy to use Periodically updated. Made available on a tablet or a laptop.
  • Simple & Flexible Access any module at your own comfort, pace and time. Learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Better Retention Digitally enhanced modules will increase the learner’s retention and makes the learning more effective.
  • Cost Effective Learning The remote delivery of curriculum allows students & faculty to access updated digital content, at lower costs.
  • Services Package Supports student/faculty engagement in various ways: An Institution can push circulars/notifications, new academic materials etc., solicit feedback, launch a query resolution system, conduct online assessment and derive performance analytics.
  • Results & Feedback SmarTeach supports self-assessments and online questions bank.

 How Can You Access SmarTeach?

OFFLINE VERSION (Without Internet) : 

  • Licensed Android Tab
  • Licensed Memory Card
  • Licensed Pendrive