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Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay for a course through several ways:

  • Credit Card: The best way to pay is to use your VISA or MasterCard and pay through the ICICI secure payment gateway. Your card information is highly secure and remains encrypted to make the transaction absolutely safe. On completion of the online payment process, you will get instant access to your course.
  • You can deposit the course amount in any of your nearest ICICI Bank to the credit of Account No. 000805008656. You can mail or call us back with the payment details: E-mail Address: info@medisysedutech.com. Phone No. +040- 2355 0435 | +040- 2355 0534.

* Processing will take at least 24 – 48 Hrs. (Monday – Saturday) to generate an “Access Key” for you to activate your account. A mail will be sent to your ID with the “Access Key.”

Q: Do I need to have ICICI bank account to deposit course fee into your account?

A: No, you don’t require ICICI bank account.

  • Demand Draft: You can make a DD or Banker’s Cheque drawn in the name of MEdRC EduTech Limited, and payable at Hyderabad. You should courier us the DD along with your details such as your name, address, telephone numbers and email address. Upon receipt of your payment, you shall be sent an Access Key through email (hence sending us your e-Mail address is mandatory) using which you can subscribe on the SmarTeach website.
  • Cash Paid to MEdRC Associates: You can pay cash to one of MEdRC’s growing list of Associates. The Associate shall log in with their account and provide you the Access Key.

Q: Does my Pop-Up Blocker affect SmarTeach Courses?

A: Yes. SmarTeach Courses will only work if you switch off the Pop-Up Blocking software on your Browser. To do so, open Internet Explorer, go to the Tools option on the menu bar, click on Internet Options, choose the Privacy tab, and make sure that the Pop-Up Blocker feature is unchecked. If you have Google or Yahoo Tool bar, please disable Pop-Up blocking for this site.

Q: What is Course Access Key?

A: Access Key is required to activate the course. If you are depositing money in our bank or Pay course fee to one of our Franchisees, then we will send you the Access Key. If you are paying through Credit Card, there is no need for the Access Key.

Pre-PG e-Tests

Q:What hardware and software do I need to Access for Pre-PG e-Tests?

A: You need any PC that runs Microsoft Windows at a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768.

Q: Is the FREE Pre-PG e-Tests same as the Subscribed program?

A:Yes! Except for the “Attempt Later” option, the FREE Pre-PG e-Tests is similar to the experience you will get with the paid version.

Q: Do I have to take Pre-PG e-Tests once a week or at particular times?

A: No. Unlike other Mock Exams available today, where you have to travel to a centre and take a Mock Exam weekly or monthly… and wait for the results that take time, Pre-PG e-Tests gives you the flexibility to take a Mock Exam even everyday (or maybe you have the stamina, even two in a day!) We suggest you make it a habit to attempt one Mock Exam per day till your actual PG Entrance Exam; thereby making the actual exam, seem like an everyday affair!

Q: What happens if I am attempting Pre-PG e-Tests and my Internet Connection drops?

A: Pre-PG e.Tests will stop working. Don’t worry! The answers that you had marked and the time elapsed until then will get stored. When you reconnect and return, you will be able to resume from where you got cut off.

Q: Upon subscribing, how long will I be able to access my Pre-PG e-Tests account?

A: Once you are a paid subscriber to a Pre-PG e-Tests product, your account will be available to you for limited number of months, depending on the package you take, during which time you have to take all your tests and do your learning, like reading explanatory notes, etc. You can only attempt the tests once. You can choose the “Attempt Later” option (not available on the FREE Test) to discontinue and resume later. But once your time for each test is over, you can only get access to your result sheets and explanatory answers to the attempted tests.

Pre-PG e-Tutor

Q: Can we avail the course material in printed format, so as to revise the lessons?

A: Yes, you can take prints of the material.

Q: Is there any difference in the materials in 100 hrs and 300 hrs packages. For Eg. If I Take 100 hrs, after I use 100 hrs it will be locked or unsubscribed?

A: No, there is no difference. Total lecture duration of course is 185 hrs spread across 292 lessons of all subjects. We are offering 300 hrs so that you can listen to some lessons more than once and also there would be 10 MCQs for every lesson for practice. So you would require more than 250 hrs to complete the course.

Q: If I subscribe for the 300 hrs package, will I be able to get some free tests along with the package or should I subscribe separately for it?

A: No. You need to subscribe Tests separately, but in the Pre-PG e-Tutor every lecture is accompanied with 10 MCQs related to the lecture. So overall you would be answering more than 3000 MCQs for practice.

Q: If I complete 300 hours of reading the material in four months, can I still access the course?

A: No, you cannot access the course. Course will expire when you use 300 hours or 1 year from subscription, which ever is earlier.

Q: Can I read any subject, as I wish. If I want to read two or more subjects at a time, or any topic, is it possible?

A: Yes, you can read any subject and as many subjects you want.

Q: What do you mean by interactive sessions? When I visited your site, I could only see a person telling class. Where is the scope for interaction?

A: Interactive Sessions means, you could interactively view the lecture. Like you could pause/play the lecture, rewind/forward and relisten to the topic, view Additional Learning for the slide (if available), Jump to a Topic by selecting the Topic, you could zoom in/out the slide, you could attempt MCQs in between or at the end of the lecture.

Q: What hardware and software do I need to Access Pre-PG e-Tutor?

A: You need any PC that runs Microsoft Windows at a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768. You require Silverlight Ver 1.0 to be installed to view the lectures. You also require at least 256 Kbps of bandwidth for having a good uninterrupted experience.

Q: I am unable to view the lecture properly, video is getting stuck several times.

A: You require at least 256 Kbps of bandwidth for having a good uninterrupted experience, otherwise video will be stuck till the time video is buffered. Alternatively whenever you have low bandwidth, use the audio mode. Audio mode requires only 56 kbps of bandwidth.

Q: Will any leftover hours of a particular course package be added to the top up hours bought and a renewed validity period be applicable according to the top up package paid for?

A: Yes, your leftover hours will be added to the Top Up hours with the new validity period.

Q: I am not able to view/listen the video or audio. Every time I open the video or audio, a window pops up asking for username and password to install license, and after entering the username and password, still I get Loading… message.

A: All the Content of Pre-PG e-Tutor are DRM encripted. You need license to view the content. Whenever you start the Lecture, if license is not available in the system, you will be asked to enter your user name and password. After filling the details when you click Check button license will be installed on the system and Play button would be activated. Note: 1. Please ensure that your system shows the current date and time. License will not be installed if your system date and time are not correct. 2. Some Antivirus and Firewalls will treat the License Storage as a threat and does not allow to store the License onto your system. To overcome that, please disable your Antivirus and Firewall temporarily and redo the process. Re-enable the Antivirus and Firewall immediately after the License is downloaded.

Q: I am unable to view the lecture. ..Comes As Loading… and Remains So.. What should I do?

A: To view protected content, Windows Media Player Security upgrade is required, please follow the steps and install the component

  1. Go to http://www.smarteach.com/check.htm
  2. Three links will be displayed. Click on the PG Video link or the course which you have subscribed.
  3. Windows Media Player will be opened and a warning message requesting to upgrade a component will be displayed.
  4. Click Yes button
  5. On Clicking Yes button, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/919589 page will be opened.
  6. Please follow the instructions and install the security update.
  7. After successful upgradation, Login to your account and check the Lecture.