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This course covers anatomical terms, organization of human body and structures of cell, tissues, membranes and glands

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About the Cours

  • This course  covers anatomical terms, organization of human body and structures of cell, tissues, membranes and glands
  • It is a comprehensive coverage of the structure and functions of bone and joints, muscles, nervous system, sensory organs, circulatory and lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, endocrine system and reproductive system
  • It also focuses on the normal structure of various body systems and understand the alterations in anatomical structure in disease and practice of nursing

Target Audience
Medical students – Nursing Bsc , Nursing GNM

Course Delivery Format
This course is delivered entirely online. It consists of a series of comprehensive lectures by a professor in the subject, appropriately annotated with slides, animations and wherever necessary, interactive content. The delivery offers tremendous flexibility. You may pause a teacher while you refer to your textbooks (not includes) and to take notes. You may also rewind a segment to listen to the teacher again or you may skip a slide or two if you already know that bit. You may bookmark a segment that you wish to return to later, maybe to refresh just before your exams. While the lessons in this course may be arranged in a particular order based on our curriculum, you have the flexibility to take them in order of your preference based on your personalized learning needs.

While this course is to help you learn the subject from an online faculty, it may help you in several ways even if you are already enrolled in some medical, dental or paramedical school. Many of our students felt that the format in which this course is delivered has helped them to cope up against the fast paced lectures in actual class – it’s like having a TV remote in class to self-pace your teacher. Animations help understand concepts better by making concepts easy to understand… and difficult to forget

S.No Topics
1 Introduction to Anatomical Terms and Organization of the Human Body
2 Skeletal System
3 Muscular System
4 Nervous System
5 Sensory Organs
6 Circulatory and Lymphatic System
7 Respiratory System
8 Digestive System
9 Excretory System
10 Endocrine System
11 Reproductive System

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